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Special Offer Original GEROVITAL H3 Injections Dr Ana Aslan

Special Price for Original GEROVITAL H3 Injections
Dr Ana Aslan from Romania
Price: 30 USD $ box of 5 authentic vials!
Minimum order 5 boxes.
International Priority Shipping
 from Bucharest Romania - 50US$

We recommend using only our autherized syringes with needles.
Syringe + needle 5ml sterile set for one time use - 2 US$

Authorized Romanian Supplier:
VAT: RO40837257 - Bucharest, ROMANIA
Contact: +40723141550 (whatsapp/viber/telegram)


What is Gerovital?
A rejuvenating substance used for treatment and as aging prophylaxis!
Gerovital is injected in the buttocks. One ampoule contains procaine (a local anesthetic drug), vitamins and herbal extracts. It has positive effects on many functional disorders connected with aging, such as reduced physical and mental performance, weak concentration and memory, impaired reflex-dependent activities, ability to respond, and hearing, or circulatory system disorders.
Gerovital reduces the signs of much problems and issues attributable to aging and shortens the convalescence time after surgeries and more serious diseases. Before application, an allergy skin test must be performed on the forearm. Only 1 ampoule of Gerovital is applied 3 days per week. The total treatment contains 12 applications per month.
Minimum treatment 3 months continous.

Who is Dr. Ana Aslan?
Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, Director General of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Bucharest, was a prominent researcher in the field of cytology. She dedicated he life to the study and examination of causes of cellular disintegration, which leads to aging. Following extensive experiments and research into the deceleration of aging, Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan and her research team got encouraging results. They formulated an original therapy to regenerate and stimulate the life functions of the human body. Worldwide, the therapy became known as Therapy Ana Aslan. Professor Aslan enjoyed global popularity and her work was much appreciated.

Famous people who received the Gerovital treatment!
Many great names contacted Prof. Dr. Aslan to undergo the Gerovital treatment which invigorates vitality and sound health: French President Charles De Gaulle, American President John F. Kennedy, West Germany’s Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong who was commonly known as Chairman Mao, Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh; actresses Marlene Dietrich, Lillian Gish, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo and her sisters; actors Charlie Chaplin, Omar Sharif or Kirk Douglas, and painter Salvador DalĂ­.

Saturday, 25 December 2021

GEROVITAL H3 Tablets Dr Ana Aslan Romania

Genuine GEROVITAL H3 Tablets
Dra Ana Aslan from Romania

PRICE: 35 US$ box with 24 tablets

Shipping from
Bucharest Romania - International - 50USD $

Distributor: Alexandru CALIN
 VAT: RO40837257
from Bucharest, Romania


Tel: +40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)
Payments accepted:
1. Secure Bank Transfer Wire
3. Western Union Online
We are sending invoice for each
order of original GEROVITAL H3.

How to use the treatment with GEROVITAL H3 Tablets:

2 GEROVITAL H3 tablets per day for only 24 days per month

(2 boxes per month).

To obtain results, the treatment must be followed for at least 6 consecutive months !!!
The treatment can be done and combined, one month GEROVITAL H3 Tablets, one month GEROVITAL H3 Injections!

Friday, 24 December 2021

Intense Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, 90 tablets, Interherb Laboratories - 90 euros (102$)


Intense Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, 90 tablets, Interherb Labs

 Package for 3 months of treatment - 90 tablets - 90 euros (102$)


Bucharest, ROMANIA


Tel: 0040723141550 (whastapp / viber / telegram)

Collagen and hyaluronic acid extract counteract the negative effects

the sun's rays on the skin and prevents cartilage wear in old age.

• reduces the depth of expression lines

• restores the tone of the face

• the skin becomes visibly smoother and more elastic

• ensures the hydration of the tissues inside

• improves the mobility of the joints and reduces their wear and tear

Hair and scalp: Intensifies the function of hair growth with a healthy structure.

Gums: Collagen gives the gums a healthy appearance and hyaluronic acid prevents periodontal disease.

Eyes: Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in providing the required amount of fluid in the tear duct.

Nails: Collagen contributes to the formation of strong and healthy nails due to its high amino acid content (contains 18 types of amino acids, 8 of which are essential amino acids).

Joints: Collagen is the essential component of the joints and hyaluronic acid provides the necessary fluid in the joint capsule.


1000 mg collagen, 50 mg hyaluronic acid / tablet) gives the preparation many positive effects on the body:

Administration method:

One tablet per day for 2-3 months as a cure. We recommend taking the tablet with plenty of liquid with meals.

Presentation: Bottle with 30 tablets - treatment for one month.