Friday, 4 December 2015

Genuine Romanian GEROVITAL GH3 Ampoules Injections

Supplier of Original Gerovital GH3 Injections by Dr Ana Aslan - Alexandru Calin (Licensed in Chemistry) 
Phone:+40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)

Secondary Email:
Bucharest, Romania
PRICE: 24 USD /authentic box(5vials) + shipping worldwide

Payments accepted:
1. Secure Bank Transfer Wire
2. Transferwise
3. Western Union Online
Pharmaceutical form: Injectable solution intramuscular
One ampoule contains:
Procaine hydrochloride100 mg
Benzoic acid 6 mg
Disodium phosphate dodecahydrate.0.5 mg
Potassium metabisulfite.. 5 mg
Distilled water for injectable solutions up to 5 ml
Therapeutic indications:
Protection of the organism against aging phenomena. 
Depressive syndrome (light and moderate depression), in precocious stages, especially when conventional therapy is not well-tolerated or it has contraindications.
Parkinsonian syndromes where it can be used in monotherapy or associated with other antiparkinsonian drugs, especially with dopaminergic agents.
Osteoarthritis (chronic degenerative rheumatism)
Systemic arteriosclerosis with hypercholesterolemia, ischaemic heart disease, arthritis, cerebral atherosclerosis.  

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